Rip Rap

Rip Rap & Seawall Service

Protect your shoreline property value with a permanent natural solution using riprap.. Over 25yrs of earth moving experience, Iguana makes sure your job gets done right. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured for commercial and residential retaining walls. With innovative shoreline protection, Iguana can save your eroding shoreline and transform it into a unique focal point all in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Shoreline Beautification

Looking for more lakeside appeal? Let Iguana help transform your property. From simple to custom projects, Iguana offers shoreline beautification solutions to fit any size budget. Choose from concrete or natural stone retaining wall on your shoreline or anywhere on your residential or commercial project. Our capabilities include lakeside delivery of poured concrete to the most sophisticated natural stone installed according your most demanding specifications.

Why Use Us?

Since we control all phases of the project from shoreline assessment, permit procedures, shoreline preparation, and final installation, you save time & money. We can also handle your waterfront project by water or by land depending on your location and preference. And most importantly, all of our projects are fully warranted to be structurally sound & free of defects.

Benefits of Rip Rap?

Rip rap works by absorbing the impact of waves before they reach the shoreline or structure. It offers superior stability, durability, and low maintenance for waterfront protection.

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